Dixie Narco Bev Max 5591 Glass Front Vending Machine


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Product Description

This unit vends 20 oz soda and water bottles, gatorade and juice. With optional shims that run $3.50 per selection, you can vend 16 oz energy drinks, 16.9 oz water bottles, 12 oz cans of soda and even 8 oz cans of Red Bull. The machine is multi-price so you can set all selections at different prices. The clear front gives customers a direct view of what is available for them. These machine do not need additional label tags, and average 20% higher vend sales than traditional vending machines. It accepts both coins and dollar bills as payment forms.

45 Selections of Cans or Bottles
Great machine for high visibility products
Capacity of 360-432 Items
Accepts dollar bills & coins. Mech & Bill Acceptor Included
Multiple Pricing
Dimensions: Height:72 Width: 42 Depth: 32
Standard 110 volt

Additional Information

Weight 900 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 40 x 80 in