CoinCo 9300-L 12-Pin 117V Coin Mech


CoinCo 9300-L Coin Mech

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Coinco 9300-L multi-price micro 12 pin coin changer.

The Coinco 9300L Coin Mechanism accepts U.S. nickel, dime and quarter coin and can be modified to accept Canadian nickel, dime, quarter, one and two dollar coins. It has the ability to accept or reject US Dollar or Canadian Dollar coins simply by flipping the switch. To provide accurate and fast pay-out, it uses heavy duty D.C. pay-out solenoids. The Coinco 9300L is one of the most modern electronic units in the market today that uses state-of-the-art electronic logic system that is designed for a more reliable performance.

These are commonly used in snack and multi price soda machines. They will replace Mars MC 5000 or TRC-6000 changers. These changers have been cleaned and bench tested, and completely tuned.

This coin mech is for use in a 117V vending machine. This will not work in a 24V machine and may cause permanent damage to your machine if improperly installed. Please check your owner’s manual to ensure that this product will be compabile. We are not responsible for any damages due to an improper installation.

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