Dixie Narco Converted Combo Bottle Drop Glass Front Refrigerated Snack Beverage Vending Machine


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This machine has 42 different selections for a high variety of items.  It has been reconfigured and converted into a combo snack machine. The snack portion is set up to vend 5 chip selections and 10 candy bar selections. It  is setup to sell any 20 oz. product the way it comes but with the addition of a shim you can sell 12 oz. and/or 16 oz. items as well.  These shims cost $3.50 each and there is also an option for an 8 oz. Red bull shim for $40. The machine is multi-price so you can set all selections at different prices. The clear front gives customers a direct view of what is available for them. These machines don’t need additional label tags, and average 20% higher vend sales than traditional vending machines. It accepts both coins and dollar bills as payment forms.


Manufacturer: Dixie Narco
Pricing Capacity: $0.00 – $99.95
Dispenses: Chips, Candy, Cans, Bottles
Selections: 10 Candy, 5 snack, 27 Beverages
Power: 110 Volts
Weight: 655 lbs.
Dimensions: 72 “H x 42 “W x 32 “D

Additional information
Weight 700 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 72 in