Crane GPL 429 Fresh Food King Sandwich Vending Machine


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Crane GPL 429 Food King Sandwich Machine

With the GPL Food King product variety is the answer. You can put up to 66 different items in this machine. The customer has the ability to rotate the shelves and pick and choose any item they prefer. For small to medium size break rooms.

Customer has the ability to choose the items behind 9 differently priced doors.
This machine is made for low capacity smaller breakrooms.
This machine will vend small plates, salads, sandwiches or odd shaped items such as apples and oranges.
Standard capacity: 66 selections – Configurable from 36 to 108 units.
At 29″ wide-it fits through any door.
Has periodic product rotation.
Comes with 1/2 HP refrigeration unit that can be easily serviced from the front.
Includes your choice of rebuilt Coinco or Mars changer and validator.
72″h x 29″w x 24″d.