Royal HVV High Visibility Vender Aqufina and Gatorade HVV-768-12


Royal HVV-768-12 Vending Machine

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The High Visibility Vender (HVV) can and bottle vender is capable of vending most packages. It uses a control board to manage vending operations. This control board must be programmed correctly for the Vender to operate properly. Through the vender’s electronic control board, you will find better space to sales allocations which will increase profits through
fewer sold out selections and less loading frequency.

Through the HVV’s flexibility, you will profit by using the Multi-Pricing and Space to Sales features. As you will see later in the manual, there are other features, such as the ability to control vending by using a built-in timer or by using an optional on/off key switch. Like most electronic equipment, the control board has the ability to control most items in the vending machine. It manages the operation of the refrigeration system, and even the lighting
system, with an optional kit. The HVV utilizes high torque 24 volt DC vend motors. Testing has proven
these vend motors to be very strong and reliable.

The HVV’s programming is done “Menu Style” with the menus consisting of “Main Items” and “Sub-Items”. Figure 1.1 is a good example of how the menu system works.

“Cash Counters” is the first menu after pressing the mode button on the control board. You can only access menu items from the menu you are in. Just
as the “ENTER” button takes you into each level, the “HOME” button takes you back to previous menu levels each time you press it. The menu system is explained in greater detail in Section 3: Vender Programming.

• Field proven, reliable impact delivery sensor
(Merlin HVV) or optic sensor (TDV HVV) .
• Patented learning mode for quick vending.
• A “direct drive” DC vend motor in each column
drives each column’s vend rotor.
• No vend mechanism adjustments are necessary
to change from 12oz. cans to 16oz. or 20oz.
bottles. All that is needed is to change the depth
setting in the programming and product retainer
/ rear spacer adjustments.
• User friendly menu style programming.
• Hand Held Computer (HHC) programming and
data retrieval.
• Real time clock / calendar to control built-in timer
(can display time on LED).
• The HVV supports Multi-Drop Bus coin
mechanisms, bill validators and card readers.
• Allows programmable space to sales: Custom or
Factory settings.
• Capable of setting full escrow to vend (even if a
column jams).
• External menu allows access to sales (vend)
counts and error information.
• Both total (historical) and individual (resettable)
vend and cash counters.
• The HVV can display the sale (vend) and cash
totals (historical) on the LED upon opening the
vender’s main door for easy access.

Columns: 12
Selections: 12
Weight: 648 lbs / 294 kg
Width: 37 in / 94 cm
Height: 79.5 in / 202 cm
Depth: 35.5 in / 90 cm
Capacities Approximate depending upon package size and shape total per column total per column
12 oz can: 768 (64 per column)
20 oz Swirl: 348 (29 per column)
16 oz / 20 oz glass: 336 (28 per column)
16.9 oz water: 432 (36 per column)
1 L plastic: 228 (17 per column)

Additional information
Weight 900 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 85 in
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