Royal RVCDE-768-10 Vending Machine w/ Aquafina Graphic


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Royal RVCDE-768-10 w/ Aquafina Graphic

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RVCDE 768-10Standard Cabinet
Please note: The selection buttons for this machine is along the side and not on the graphic.

Columns: 12
Selections: 10
Weight: 800 lbs / 363 kg
Width: 37 in / 94 cm
Height: 79.5 in / 202 cm
Depth: 41 in / 104 cm

Approximate depending upon package size and shape
12 oz can: 780 (Front: 32 Rear: 98)
20 oz / 591 mL bottle: 504 (Front: 28 Rear: 56)

Optic Chute sensor reliably detects the product as it vends
Each column has a direct drive 24 -volt motor guaranteed for 5 years and 3 months
Tough, durable, vandal-resistant exterior; Stands up to the elements, prolongs vender life
No vend mechanism adjustments necessary to change product sizes-from 12-20 oz.
Programmable to automatically switch to and from daylight savings time
Efficient, maintenance-reducing system saves money and repairs
Allows fast data retrieval
Supports multi-drop bus coin mechanisms, bill validators and card readers
Engineered for maximum product capacities
Allows for alternative selection or change return if selection empty or jammed
Programmable LED Display
ISO 9002 Certification

Menu Style Programming
20 Plus programming is user-friendly for field technicians, and extremely versatile:
Space to sales (custom or selection of factory set options)
Variable vending depths
Access to sales data, historic counts, and resettable individual cycles
Multiple and individual price and discount price options

Additional information

Weight 880 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 85 in